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Paint Protection Coating Packages

(NEW) 1 Year Ceramic Coating Packages, Starting at $350!

3+ year Coating Packages, Starting at $699!


Your vehicle is an investment, its important to take care of it so it looks as good on the day you sell it as the day you got it coated! Whether your driving an exotic car or a daily driver, a perfect car is not required to get the best protection available while also giving your paint unmatched gloss and depth of color with a Protective Coating from On Point. If your unsure about coatings heres what sets them apart from waxes and sealants; Your more natural waxes are going to be your weakest protection. They add a decent shine but in reality will usually only last about 2 months and has a very low heat and chemical resistance, they are usually used by DIYers but some higher-end ones are great for a car show. Synthetic waxes/sealants are going to last usually anywhere from 3-8 months and have a mid-level heat and chemical resistance and have better water beading capabilities. NOW! Using a true Ceramic or Teflon Coating, your vehicle will be protected from 1 to 5+ years! These coatings are going to actually cure to the surface creating an extremely strong bond with the paint or clear-coat. Unlike a wax that stays "soft", a coating is going to harden to create amazing gloss and depth, top level hydrophobics for maximum water beading, as well as protection from UV rays, chemicals, road grime, and oxidation. Your paint will be easier to clean and retain that "better than new" shine and finish. No more need for waxes during the duration. Packages available with and without paint correction.


The application of a true coating requires a thorough process and can be affected by factors like temperature and humidity. This is better left for the experienced professionals. 

In order for this to be done properly the use of a garage is required, whether its yours or mine, or now if your near the Fountain Hills area you can drop it off at our new work garage.

It all starts with a very thorough foam and hand wash to remove all the dirt and road grime. Next we clean your vehicle again with a special solution to lift and remove embedded contaminates followed by a proper claying process to ensure complete removal and a clean, smooth surface. The next step is decided by you when the appointment is booked, if we are doing a more basic paint enhancement polishing or a full on paint correction first. Either way, the next step is the final solution wipedown and getting your vehicle coated. We can coat everything from your paint and trim, to glass, wheels, and we even have a coating for tires to give them a deep, semi glossed finish that lasts.

In order to maximize the life of your coatings, ideally you should schedule around being able to leave your vehicle to cure for some time, keeping the vehicle dry for 24 hours, and no contact with soap or cleaners for a week.


There are a couple main factors when it comes to pricing a coating; Longevity of the coating, size of the vehicle, and desired level of correction.

LONGEVITY: In general, the longer lasting a coatings is, the more difficult it is to use and install. The longer lasting coatings have a much higher concentration of chemicals in their formulas which greatly effect not only the purchase price but the coatings thickness and cure time which means little to no room for error so you have to be thorough and take your time. This is why the 1 year coating will always have a better price despite having the same prep process before coating.

VEHICLE SIZE speaks for itself when it comes to pricing, the more surface area I have to clean, prep, and coat, the more work, product and time it takes to complete. A Porsche 911 will always have a better price than an Tahoe. If you want more than the paint coated, ie the glass, wheels, or for example a camper top on a truck, those will be additional.

CORRECTION The amount of correction to be done to your vehicle will affect price as it greatly increases or decreases the amount of work and time on a vehicle. Something you should know as this is a misconception in the detail world, YOU DO NOT NEED PERFECT PAINT TO HAVE IT COATED. YOU ONLY NEED PROPERLY PREPPED PAINT. As long as your vehicles paint surface has been prepped properly you can have a coating installed and last for years. Now every coating company out there recommends doing correction to some degree beforehand, which is why all my coating packages include a "paint enhancement polish." This is something I won't skip in the process, it is a faster paced polishing of the vehicles surface, giving it the required deep cleaning of the pores, removing any "dead paint" on the surface, and still enhances the natural gloss and removes lighter scratches. The deeper scratches will remain but be harder to see, especially once the coating is applied. If you have a brand new vehicle or your just not worried about it being perfect, this is perfect for you as you'll still lock in unbeatable gloss, have protection for years, and cut down wash time and effort by 50%.

For some people, it makes more sense to have the paint perfected before coating, we can do that too, but the correction process then becomes multi step and increases time and work, in which the cost goes up.

Heres a general price guide you can use for coating packages that include a paint enhancement polish. Any extra correction will be additional.

1+ Year Ceramic Coating

Small Cars and Crossovers $350

Smaller trucks and SUVs $450

Oversize Trucks and 3rd Rows $550

3+ Year Coating Package

Small Cars and Crossovers $699

Smaller trucks and SUVs $799

Oversize Trucks and 3rd Rows $899

5+ Year Coating Package

Small Cars and Crossovers $899

Smaller trucks and SUVs $999

Oversize Trucks and 3rd Rows $1099

Paint Protection Coating Packages: Service
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